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What i do best !

I have worked as a tour manager as well as guide for more than 30 years with clients from different countries and backgrounds.

Being in the ‘field’, I have understood the needs and aspirations of the customers as well as what they expect.

I have thus decided to present my services to clients who know and want the value for their money.

the Specialties

What can one do !

  • The same services at a reasonable price !
  • Better logistics to reduce the transit time !
  • Suggesting the alternatives – more reliable and better !
  • New and undiscovered sites – absolute must to incorporate !
  • The direct contact with the local people !

Contact Me !

Your first step to a better trip to India.

Next – provide me with your Itinerary !

I will do a thorough study, case by case for a very personal experience.

I will then propose you the improvements !

For a small sum, we garanty that you will have a jouney that you will talk of to your loved ones for a long time.

I remain in contact with you during all your trip !

Following you on your journey and helping you to get more from the world – specially in a rapidly changing country.

Mission accomplished !

Awaiting the pleasure to receive you in India.

Tour Operators who partnered with me !

Those who have confidence in me !

I assure you !

Create your own opportunities !

  • Doesn’t matter if you have an itinerary.
  • Does not matter if you know India or not.
  • Does not matter if you have already decided to visit any particular part of the country or not.

Write to me and we will surely get back to you.
Please try once – and you will not regret it….

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M. Rajmalani

B-1/38 Malviya Nagar
New Delhi - 110017
+91 98100 73600

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