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There is no itinerary that cannot be improved.

Be it the services or the rhythm of your visit. Be it the contact with the local people or the choice of the sites. Be it the quality of the services or the price?
There are immense possibilities… 
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your journey

Your voyage is dear to you ! Your experience – even more so !

I understand exactly what your demands are. I will be able to guide you exactly to get much more than the small sacrifice on your behalf.

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  • Your time.
  • Your questions.
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My specialities

We can help you
in many ways.

Improve your programe.

the choice of your hotels/services.

Live with the locals.

Absorb the culture.

All – and even more…

with a councillor / Tour manager.

speaking simple good english.

my Services

What all I can do for you !

As soon as you come under my charge, I follow you and help you in choosing the best services/products, get you the prices, to suggest you any possible improvements and at each step, I help you with your tour.

mY clients

Here is what my clients say…

My projects

I have been service of various dignitaries

The unknown

The ideas, the hotels, the sites, the luxury, the possibilities are extraordinary and without limit.

the strong point

The vendors, the support and the logistics – in comprehensible language.

who am i?

at your service!

I reside in New Delhi and have more than 30 years of experience in the tourism, receiving clients from around the world on behalf of reputed tour operators and otherwise. I have the knowledge of my country, its culture and also the technique to help you create an ideal voyage – on demand, to your taste and entire satisfaction.

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M. Rajmalani

B-1/38 Malviya Nagar
New Delhi - 110017
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